The Computing Café is designed to give you a place to learn about Computer Science. If you haven't been told already, choose a stage from the options below which best suits your needs. If you are here to explore other things, choose from the snacks below the stage menu.

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Stage 1
Just beginning
Stage 2
Taking bolder steps
Stage 3
Starting at high school
Stage 4
Studying for GCSEs
Stage 5
Studying for A Levels
Stage 6
Moving on

Algorithms and Programming Learning to program

Learn to develop your computational thinking skills and how to automate your algorithms through the development of your coding techniques.

Fun Stuff!

Getting bored with the same old stuff. Get stuck into some fun Computer Science!

Software that you need

Computers use software and over the years, I've worked out most of the best stuff. This section lists all the software you really should have installed on your computer. 

Books that you should read Books that you should read

This is not a list of Computer Science textbooks - this is a list of books which are related to Computer Science. Some of them are factual and some are fiction, but all are themed to CS.

Ben For teachers!

A collection of (useful) resources that I have made over the years. Some of them are Computer Science related but some aren't. Feel free to download and use them but don't let me see them on TES!

Websites, Weblinks and Resources Websites worth a visit

Try as I might, I can't include everything in the activities on this site. There is an almost infinite amount of great stuff out there on the web, if you can be bothered to look for it.

YouTube channels YouTube Channels you must subscribe to

I don't know about you, but I can concentrate for much longer if I'm watching a YouTube video. These channels are essential if you are learning about Computer Science. Enjoy.

Key Terms Key terms explained

Ever wondered what those technical words mean? I've tried to collect together as many CS related technical terms as I can. If there is anything you don't understand, you'll just have to ask.

Famous Computer Scientists

As a fairly modern science, the historical figures in CS number far less than in some of the other disciplines. You'll definitely recognise some of the names and if you don't you'll recognise the things they are famous for.

Tips and Tricks Cabinet

A virtual filing cabinet full of tips and tricks to make your life in the digital world more exciting and fulfilling. Actually, it's just a place that I keep stuff that I've downloaded so I remember where I've put it.


To be honest, it's fairly unlikely that I'll blog a lot but you never know.

Software tools

I'm not really a software developer but I've written a few bits and bobs. Grab whatever I have made - it's free - but comes with no warranties and no guarantees.


I really need somewhere to write about all the old computers / calculators / games consoles I've got and I can think of no better place to do it.