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British marketing company whose calculators appear to be branded Lloyd's/Lloytron, Lloyd's, Alltronic, Agilis, Adman, GPM, Protronic, Barklay, Teal calculators and share common features with Decimo.

 : I have got this and it's cool
 : I haven't got this and I'd like it
 : I don't need this because I've either got or I want a better version


 Detson 121
 Detson 303
 Detson (E)311
 Detson (E)341
 Detson (E)406 / 1975 / VFD Display
 Detson 408
 Detson (E)419
 Detson (E)420
 Detson 427
 Detson (E)501
 Detson 505
 Detson 803pm
 Detson 808