Algorithms to live by

Topic B : Algorithms (6)

- In everyday life (1)
- Searching - linear search (2)
- Sorting - insertion sort / bubble sort (2)
- Big data and data analytics (2)

DL Focus : Spreadsheets / Google Sheets
Opening / creating spreadsheets
Entering information into a cell
Editing information in a cell in the cell and in the formula bar
Control column width / cell height
Showing / hiding rows / columns
Formatting cells (borders, shading, font and font colour, text wrap, cell merge)
Construct, enter, edit simple formula
Using simple arithmetic operators
Using the following formulae : SUM, AVERAGE, (V/H)LOOKUP, IF, AND, OR, TODAY, DATE, MIN, MAX, COUNT, COUNTIF

Programming/Algorithm Focus

How to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds :

Birthday algorithm