Stage 1 - Just beginning

Algorithmic thinking skills
(AL01) Thinking abstractly *
(AL02) Thinking generally *
(AL03) Thinking evaluatively *
(AL04) Thinking algorithmically *
(AL05) Thinking concurrently *
(AL06) Thinking ahead *
(AL07) Thinking procedurally *
(AL08) Thinking logically *
(AL10) Problem solving techniques
(AL11) Computational modelling (simulations)
(AL12) Logical reasoning
(AL13) Developing algorithms
(AL14) Representing algorithms

Programming skills
(PR21) Sequencing - maybe using robots / beebots.

Fundamental Skills
(FS09) Online safety and digital resilience *

About myself
Finding out about
Presenting my ideas
Dear diary
Simple programming with robots (manual and digital)
Where are computers?
What are computers?
Mouse and keyboard - typing and clicking games
Algorithms - dances