CS36 : Connecting Computers Together

I remember world with no Internet - yes, that time did exist! Nowadays, we take for granted access to a network of computers both locally, in our homes and offices and globally, across the World. In this topic, we look at the various ways in which computers can be connected together.

We are learning ...
  • Why computers are networked
  • About the different ways in which computers can be networked
  • About the methods by which computers are networked and the hardware needed to do so.
So that we can ...
  • To define what a computer network is
  • Define PANs, LANs and WANs
  • Describe the use of ethernet in LANs
  • State and discuss the benefits and risks of networking computer
  • State that networks can consist of wired and wireless components
  • Describe network topologies - star, ring, bus and mesh
  • Discuss the factors affecting the performance of networks
  • Describe WiFi - frequency / channels and encryption
  • Describe client-server systems, peer-to-peer systems and the roles of computers
  • State the hardware needed to connect computers together ...
    - Wireless access points
    - Routers / switches
    - Network interface cards (NIC)
    - Cables (transmission media)

Coming Soon!