CS39 : Cyber Security Threats

It's a dangerous world out there. In this topic, we look at some of the threats lurking beyond your router.

We are learning ...
  • About the threats posed by the use of technology
So that we can ...
  • Define and describe the following cyber security threats :
    - Social engineering techniques (blagging, phishing, pharming, shoulder surfing)
    - Malicious code (malware) - spyware, adware, ransomware
    - Malware infection routes (viruses, trojans, worms)
  • Describe ways in which malicious code can infect a system :
    - Use of weak / default passwords
    - Misconfigured access rights / permissions
    - Use of removable media
    - Outdated / unpatched software
  • Describe how vulnerabilities can lead to network compromise
    - Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS)
    - Data interception (eavesdropping)
    - SQL injection

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