CS25 : Programming Challenges

A number of lesson on programming projects where we will practice creating solutions to problems using all the fabulous programming skills that we have learnt during the course.

We are learning ...
  • How to write high level computer programs to solve real problems
So that we can ...
  • Describe standard programming concepts
    - Variable declaration (initialisation)
    - Constant declaration (initialisation)
    - Assignment
    - Input
    - Sequencing
    - Selection
    - Iteration
    - Storage
    - Output
  • Develop algorithms using these concepts to solve simple problems
  • Build simple solutions together to solve more complex problems

First of all, if you haven't already done so, try to use Python to code solutions to the Algorithm challenges you attempted in the last section. The advantage of starting with these is that you already have Structured English, Pseudocode and Flowchart solutions to the ones you have tried which gives you a head start!

Then, there is nothing more or less complicated than choosing from the resources listed below and having a go! If you are stuck, ask for hints. Most of the challenges are graded - choose the ones that challenge you most.

Stage 4 Python Programming Challenges (new window and not yet complete)

... it makes your code maintainable!

When you are writing your code, pay special attention to the following good practice guidelines ...
  • Use suitable/descriptive variable and constant names
  • Use suitable/descriptive subprogram names
  • Use indentation to structure your code (you *have* to do this in Python anyway :))
  • Add comments, but not too many, to explain how your code works

Hungry for more?

There are plenty of programming challenge websites that you can visit if you need more practice ...
... and you can delve into the more advanced Micro:bit and Raspberry Pi resources as well.