CS40 : Cyber Security Solutions

It's OK because we have solutions! In this section, we look carefully at how to protect computer systems from network vulnerabilities.

We are learning ...
  • How to protect computer systems from network vulnerabilities
So that we can ...
  • Describe methods of identifying vulnerabilities
    - penetration testing (pen testing)
    - ethical hacking
    - commercial analysis tools
    - reviewing networking and user policies
  • Describe machine and network security methods and how they work
    - automatic software update / patches
    - authentication
    - encryption / passwords
    - firewall (hardware and software)
    - proxy servers
    - MAC address filtering
    - Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    - symmetric encryption methods
    - anti-malware software
    - network policies
    - physical security
  • Describe applications of network security methods in the real world
    - online shopping
    - banking

Coming Soon!