GCSE "Quick Wins"

A Collection of "Quick Win" topics for last minute revision!

Data quantities

Learn the sequence of binary quantities for measuring data in computer systems.

Logic gates

Make sure you know both the symbols and the truth tables for the three basic logic gates. 

Logic circuits

When you combine logic circuits together, you can trace their behaviour using trace tables.

Sort algorithms

There is more than one way to sort a list!

Search algorithms

There is more than one way to look for items in a list!

Binary / denary

Practice your binary to denary conversions.


Practice your denary,  binary, hexadecimal conversions.

Binary math

Practice your binary addition and subtraction.

Cyber threats

Revise the different types of threat that computer systems can face.

Cyber infection

Revise the ways in which malicious software can attack a computer system.

Cyber solutions

Revise the ways in which cyber security threats are handled.

Network admins use these techniques to make sure that their networks are safe and secure.