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simple electronics and arduino

A course to allow students to learn basic electronics and C++ language. From using basic programming to light a LED, to creating an input signal to control LEDs. We will be offering further courses to expand on this knowledge. In-house volunteers who are programming specialist and electronic tutors who will deliver this course for up to 10 students.

Introduction to PC, Arduino board, C++, Electronic Parts i.e., LED, Resistors & PC to Arduino Interfacing and uploading code to the Arduino controller board using Sketch (software).

Your first circuit
First Circuit (LED Blink) & Two LEDs Blink – Learning the program and electronic parts to enable these projects.

LED Bar Graph
Learned previously how to control 1 or 2 LEDs through Sketch on the control board and learned some basic knowledge of programming. Now we control 10 LEDs and learn how to simplify the code.

LED Blink Smoothly
We have used Sketch to control up to 10 LEDs on the control board to blink and learned some basic knowledge of programming. Now, we will make LED emit different brightness of light

Control LED with Push Button Switch
We have used the control board to output signals to make 10 LEDs flash and make one LED emit different brightness. Now, we learn how to get an input signal.

Demonstration Day
During these two hours, we will be allowing our students to demonstrate and show their work to their parents or guardians, followed by Q&A fill in sheets and a little presentation to remember their time with us. We will also advise them on the next steps if they want to get more involved with programming and electronics.
Last modified: October 22nd, 2021
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