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"Acorn Computers Ltd. was a British computer company established in Cambridge, England, in 1978. The company produced a number of computers which were especially popular in the UK, including the Acorn Electron and the Acorn Archimedes. Acorn's BBC Micro computer dominated the UK educational computer market during the 1980s. It is more known for its BBC Micro model B computer than for its other products.

Though the company was broken up into several independent operations in 1998, its legacy includes the development of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) personal computers. One of its operating systems, RISC OS, continues to be developed by RISC OS Open. Some of Acorn's former subsidiaries lived on: ARM Holdings technology is dominant in the mobile phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) microprocessor market.[2]

Acorn is sometimes referred to as the "British Apple" and has been compared to Fairchild Semiconductor for being a catalyst for start-ups. In 2010, the company was listed by David Meyer in ZDNet as number nine in a feature of top ten "Dead IT giants". Many British IT professionals gained their early experiences on Acorns, which were often more technically advanced than commercially successful US hardware." [Wikipedia]

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bbcacorn bbc microcomputer

BBC Micro

Model A
Model B
Model B+
Model B+64
Model B+128
BBC Master
BBC Master Compact


BBC B, Master 128 and Master Turbo emulator written in Javascript and runs directly in your browser. Used on the Complete BBC Micro Games Archive. Access games/cassettes directly from the Stairway To Hell archive. Access the latest version of jsbeeb.

Useful documents

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Acorn Electron
Acorn Plus 1 (Expansion)
Acorn Plus 2 (Expansion)
Acorn Plus 3 (Expansion)


A freeware Acorn Electron emulator for DOS and Windows. Download the latest version of Elkulator.


Acorn/BBC Archimedes

BBC Archimedes 305
BBC Archimedes 310
BBC Archimedes 310M
Acorn Archimedes 410
Acorn Archimedes 440
BBC A3000
Acorn Archimedes 410/1
Acorn Archimedes 420/1
Acorn Archimedes 440/1
Acorn R140
Acorn Archimedes 540
Acorn R225
Acorn R260
Acorn Archimedes A5000
Acorn A4
Acorn Archimedes A3010
Acorn Archimedes A3020
Acorn Archimedes A4000
Acorn Archimedes A7000


Some details of the serial numbers for Acorn machines.

atomacorn atom
bbcacorn bbc microcomputer
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