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learn to program with turtle

A good while ago (1967) some famous computer scientists decided that it would be a good idea to start teaching children to code. They designed a programming language called Logo to do this.

The following resources will help you to learn to code through a simple Logo style environment called a Turtle.

First, you can experiment with your Turtle in a 'Trinket'. This is a block programming environment like the ones you have been using up until now in Code Studio and Scratch. I've started you off with a template that draws a square. Experiment and see what you can accomplish.

Now that you've used the block environment, time to get coding! I've set up a sample Turtle world using the Python programming language. Download the Turtle Command Reference and get experimenting.

Finally, we can carry out the same tasks away from the safe environment of the World Wide Web using the desktop Python Integrated Development Environment, IDLE. Work through the resources in the box below.

Last modified: October 5th, 2021
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