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sharp home and pocket computers


MZ-40K Kit with Hexadecimal Keyboard
MZ-80K Series Monochrome Display (MZ-80K, MZ-80C, MZ-80A)
MZ-700 Series Monochrome Display (MZ-700, MZ-800)
None of the MZ series machines had any BASIC programming language in ROM. It had to be loaded from cassette. The ROM contained boot code, OS calls and special code to allow the user to use the 64kB RAM as virtual disk.


Year 1983
RAM 64kB (VRAM 2kB)
Colors 8
Sound 1 channel, 3 octaves
CPU Sharp LH-0080 @ 4MHz

The MZ-700 series consisted of four models.
MZ-711: Basic model with no peripherals.
MZ-721: With integrated tape drive.
MZ-731: With built in tape drive and printer-plotter.

MZ-700 Monitor 1Z-013A

The 64 kB of RAM of the MZ-700 are free and not allocated after power on/RESET. A program to be executed must be loaded first into the storage by the data recorder, a disk drive, or manually by the keyboard. The monitor program is needed to load the program to be executed. The MZ-700 monitor program, 1Z-013A, is resident in a 4kB ROM chip (source code).

The monitor is activated after power on first and the blinking cursor waits for your input command. The monitor can be used to change programs, enter new programs, modify the storage, print or plot a character string, and to test programs in the RAM.


Year 1984
ROM 16kB
RAM 64kB (VRAM 16-32kB)
Colors 4
Sound 3 channel, 6 octaves + white noise
CPU Zilog Z80A @ 3.5MHz

There were three versions of this, although one could be converted easily into any of the others.
MZ-811 : The basic model with no built in peripherals. This came with a blank cover.
MZ-821 : With built in 1200-baud tape drive.
MZ-831 : With built in tape drive and printer-plotter.
The tape drive could be substituted for a Quick-Disk (QD) unit. The Quick-Disk was a small, 2.8" disk with sequential access.
The MZ-800 sold in Japan as the MZ-1500 which had a black case, black Quick-Disk unit and slightly different graphics environment.

UNICARD mk3b is an interface card for computers MZ-800 and MZ-1500. It can be used with adapter in MZ-700 too. It allows you to simply run MZF/MZT files from a microSD card and provides emulation of standard SHARP peripherals and a VGA output, as well as other inputs/outputs (USB, RS-232C, Ethernet, PS/2, audio).

Pocket Computers

PC-1100 (1985)
PC-1140 (1985)
PC-1150 (1987)
PC-1210 (1980)
PC-1211 (1980)
PC-1212 (1980)
PC-1245 (1983)
PC-1246DB (1987)
PC-1246S (1986)
PC-1246 (1984)
PC-1247 (1985)
PC-1248DB (1987)
PC-1248 (1986)
PC-1250 (1982)
PC-1250A (1983)
PC-1251 (1982)
PC-1255 (1983)
PC-1260 (1984)
PC-1261 (1984)
PC-1262 (1986)
PC-1280 (1987)
PC-1285 (1988)
PC-1350 (1984)
PC-1360K (1986)
PC-1360 (1986)
PC-1401 (1983)
PC-1402 (1984)
PC-1403H (1986)
PC-1403 (1986)
PC-1404G (1984)
PC-1405G (1985)
PC-1415G (1985)
PC-1416G (1985)
PC-1417G (1986)
PC-1421 (1984)
PC-1425 (1986)
PC-1430 (1985)
PC-1431 (1985)
PC-1440 (1985)
PC-1445 (1986)
PC-1450 (1985)
PC-1460 (1986)
PC-1470U (1987)
PC-1475 (1987)
PC-1480U (1988)
PC-1490UII (1991)
PC-1490U (1990)
PC-1500 (1982)
PC-1500A (1984)
PC-1501 (1983)
PC-1600K (1986)
PC-1600 (1986)
PC-1605K (1986)
PC-1605 (1986)
PC-2500 (1985)

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