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welcome to the computing cafe

A place to learn Computing (Computer science, Digital Literacy, IT) for all
The Computing Café is a place to learn about Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. If you haven't been told already, choose a stage from the options below which best suits your needs. If you are here to explore other things, choose from the pages below.

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Stage 2
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Stage 6

Apart from the learning paths above (Stages 1 to 6), there are lots of other things to explore. Make a start from these pages and see what you can find...

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It's all about me (and The Computing Café)
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Page dedicated to podcasts focussed on computing, computer science with a little bit of maths. retro and STEM thrown in there as well.
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A collection of resources for beginning electronics.
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A calendar of computing birthdays and notable events
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Did you know that 'blog' is short for 'web log'? Here are some thoughts related to computing.
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Fundamental computer science principles and topics
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A list of (lots of) famous computer scientists.
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Some fun, including puzzles to stretch your mind.
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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 15 steps to revision success.
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An ever expanding list of computing key terms and definitions
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Books and general reading related to Computer Science and Computing.
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Computing is the study of the automation of sums.
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Working with the Northwest Computer Museum in Leigh
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Computing resources that you can literally pick up and play with.
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The RetroZone - step back into the history of computing. With a page dedicated to every major (and minor) computer manufacturer.
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Vintage science fiction magazines, stories and comics.
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A list of software applications and tutorials vaguely related to computing.
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Command words demystified
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A collection of tips and tricks that don't fit anywhere else.
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Often, computing is very abstract so, by making it concrete, we can increase students understanding of computing processes an ideas. Unplugged computing activities take place away from the computer.
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Within in this page, you will find some amazing websites to visit if you like computer science!
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YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

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