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tricks and tips cabinet

This is a place where I collect all the stuff that I can't fit anywhere else. Kind of like a filing cabinet with no dividers...

cmd promptrun administrator command prompt from mapped drives
disable uacdisable uac for individual applications
ffmpegffmpeg video transcoder
gdrive copygoogle drive script for copying files between folders
google reviewsembed google reviews in your website
gsheetsgoogle sheets magic
hidden partitionsaccessing hidden partitions in windows 10
network icon cachingenable icon caching for network shortcuts
omvsetting up openmediavault
pdf cataloguepdf catalogue with php
qr code generator in pythonqr code generator in python
scpsecure copy from server to server
symfonysymfony php framework
usb to isomake a bootable iso from bootable usb drive
windows fontchanging default windows font
xpathscrape webpages with xpath and python

Last modified: October 5th, 2021
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